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We provide bespoke services from Web Design and Development to marketing your business through multiple medias bridging the gap between technology and the consumer.

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Web Design & Development

What is the difference between web design and web development I hear you ask? The design aspect of a website is subjective in many ways. It defines the personal influence of the customer and designer jointly and is purely down to personal tastes and preferences. For us, design is centred around what the customer wants to see visually on their website and the specific colours and text fonts etc. Design in our opinion is only one piece of the pie in an overall website and can literally be whatever you desire. The other more important and often never seen by the client is what goes on behind the scenes. This is the coding of your website. Most web designers today use pre made templates that they simply copy and paste your information and photographs into and then they may know how to manipulate your logo and hey presto, you have a good website? Right?


What most people don’t realize is the importance of having a bespoke, custom made, correctly coded and professionally programmed website. The reason that the coding is so important is because when you and I see the design of the website, Google and other major search engines only read the code. If you purchase a web site that is uses a generic template then your web designer has more than likely never touched the code in the back end. Most of these templates are bought in bulk or downloaded from the internet and are full of coding errors. This along with poorly optimized websites is a principle reason for poor performance on search engines.

If you imagine that the World Wide Web is a giant library and Google is the librarian and it is Google’s job as librarian to put (index) all the books (websites) in the right section. I mean you wouldn’t expect to see a cookery book in the travel section would you?  Now if the book has all of words (code) jumbled up, then surly the librarian will not be able to place the book in the correct section.

The coding is incorporated in every aspect of your website and is vital for index and performance purposes. Most designers now do not have any understanding of coding, after all it is the equivalent of being able to understand and write about 8 or so different languages. Simple template websites in most cases do not adhere to strict W3C guidelines (read our interesting articles or visit W3C) and subsequently are not readable by Google and other prominent search engines.

And all that is just in the design. Web development is when we not only focus on the design but the function of the site. This may be an online booking system; it may be an internal search engine within the site. You might want a voucher system or a dynamic video system or gallery. This is the development side of the project. All of our applications and systems are bespoke and our own software. We don’t use any third party software like Joomla, Magento or Open cart. The reason we don’t do this is because if we don’t make the software, we can’t take of any limitations that it may bring and ultimately we cannot control any errors or bugs the software may have.

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