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We can design and develop a smartphone version of your website that will make browsing, booking or purchasing an easier and more practical experience for you customers

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Smartphone Websites

As we enter the age of the Smartphone and hand held tablet, website viewing is growing cross platform at a very fast rate. Us and other professionals have recognised the need for bespoke, purpose built and easy to view websites that are more practical to use and easier to view and navigate on a smaller device. With the phenomenon of the i phone and subsequently other android competitors, the net is now more accessible than ever and making your website into a customer friendly version for this ever increasing market should be a definite consideration.

If you already have a website whether it be successful or not, think of the amount of people that are using these smaller devices and are too frustrated to login, book or order anything from your website because the awkwardness of the navigational needs of browsing your standard website.

If you own a Smartphone then you will have experienced this. If you have a facebook page then try looking at it through the browser on your Smartphone and see the way that most of the site is unclear until you zoom in or move the screen content across. You will have to make a lot of finger moving adjustments before you can read the whole page on the website. To remedy this facebook have developed an application for i phone and android models. When the app is downloaded, your facebook account can be viewed in a much more user friendly way, with each page being legible in its entirety without any adjustments except normal page navigation.

We can now develop you a version of your website that will become accessible to your customers when they visit you on their Smartphone. This will altogether make their experience on your website a pleasant and functional one, making a purchase or reading some of your important information an easy process. Drop us a line today to arrange a consultation on 01253 723283 to discuss your needs from initial design to functionality.