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Targeted marketing for your website is key to online success. It is not enough that your website looks great. Content rich websites are by far the long term success stories.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is integral to an ongoing campaign on the internet. Coupled with a correctly coded website, a carefully managed SEO campaign can keep your business in touch with your customers. From link building to keyword strategies, we can show you the way through the jungle that is the internet. We can observe regular analytical reports about the traffic movement through or on your site, if any at all.

Purple olive can run three or six month campaigns to help boost your website up the rankings. From pay per click to copywriting, to make your website content, richer and more substantial. Making your website W3C valid and having all the coding in your website up to scratch is the best place to start. After that we can help you compete in your market place by offering you up to date stats on the performance of your website, then looking at keyword trends and what phrases brought traffic (people) to your site. We can build up your links to other websites with other relevant information on your products or services.

There are some interesting articles in our article section of the website. One in particular, written by a member of our team.

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