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Why blend in to your social network when you can stand out?Promoting your business on facebook and e-bay doesn't have to be drab. Reflect your services the same way you do on your website on social networks and commercial market sites.

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Social Network Mini Sites

Withsuccess of today’s social networks and particularly facebook having in excess of 600 million users, you can see why business's are turning their attention to having a facebook business page. As this seems to be the norm, we have realised that individual identities can be sacrificed to conform to the uniformed design of such pages. This of course does not have to be the case.

We can design and develop a mini site within your social network space that not only identifies you better but will make your business or profile stand out from the rest. This can be a smaller version of your existing website or it can be an entirely independent mini site in it's own right.

Your mini site can have all the features of a normal website including navigation, pages and even flash animation. Don't blend in, stand out!

Especially if facebook is your only web presence, then make it a notable one. As with everything else we do, all work is totally custom and built from scratch. We do not use any templates or duplicate code from other websites. Call us today or send us an e-mail to really make an impact to your potential customers.

Social Network Mini Sites