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Custom PHP and it's demand

Author: sales@purpleolivepublicity.com Date: October 2011 Time: 16:04

For those that are unsure about the title jargon then without been patronising ( to those that do), then PHP is a programming language, that is used to develop functions and general software capabilities. That out of the way, let's get back to what I was saying:

Over the last few months, Purple Olive has seen, like any other business a decline or should I say harder working environment for sales in the custom web development side of the business. With such skills within the company, we are able to offer such features and systems that even the most demanding of customer would be in ore over. However because of the length of time that it takes for a skilled programmer to create these bespoke features & systems then obviously the job of pricing is not one to take lightly.
Yes of course you do get what you pay for and you can specify certain attributes and functions at your leisure but this as I have mentioned all takes TIME, even for the most experienced programmers. SO! where do we stand in the overall pricing war for business grade websites? Probably not near the top. The reason for this, I think is mainly due to the ease of use of open source. For those of you that don't know, open source is multi-function software that is available for many & most web designers to take advantage of. It is software that has been developed by teams of highly skilled programmers to function as generic as possible and to cover most of the practical applications that a business website would need to function in today's market. GOOD? hmmm! Whilst there is no denying that this readily available software saves time and in most cases money, it can come with it's own set of problems. One is of course server space. Whilst most web designers that know their way around programs such as "Joomla", when using/installing the required features the said software's come in a package. So in simple terms if you want say a Joomla CMS ( content managed system ) function you get the whole Joomla software. Even though in most cases only 10 % of the software package is required by the particular website to function as needed. This might seem trivial but when it comes to your web designers hosting package then very shortly they will have reached capacity.
In short the one advantage but not limited to is that custom PHP ( programming language used for website functions and software development)only produces what is required, therefore only taking up a minimal amount of space and bandwidth.
There are many advantages to both as I must state, some of which I will elaborate on in future articles ( or BLOGS )but for now I will leave you with this little slice of my thought process and bid you good day. Watch your capacity, I would!

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Jistar ( blogger & blagger )

Article origin: www.purpleolivepublicity.com 20/10/11