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3 Things to Consider When You're Deciding if Social Media is Right for Your Business

Author: sales@purpleolivepublicity.com Date: July 2011 Time: 12:18

Marketing boils down to the art of letting as many people as possible know about your business or product and then getting them to become customers. Doing this requires a variety of tactics because most times your clients aren’t all conveniently located in one place.

I work as a marketing consultant and part of my job is to be aware of all the avenues that my clients can use and developing the best overall strategy to reach their target groups. Social media is just one of the tools I can suggest but many times I find my clients are resistant to this approach.

I hear that their business isn’t a good fit because it’s not exciting enough or we don’t have anything to say. My approach is let them know that social media is nothing more than word of mouth marketing. If they are willing to rethink what they know about social media, it just might be the perfect fit.

1. There is more than Facebook: There is a tendency to think if I’m not using Facebook then I’m not involved in social media. But don’t forget about blogs, Twitter, YouTube and mobile ads. These are forms of social media and might be better for your organization.

2.Change your expectations: It’s not all about the number of “likes” your Facebook page receives. Social media isn’t a popularity contest. It is a place to share and engage with your audience. If you really talk with customers and share information about your organization, then you have the opportunity to increase sales. If you offer a unique product or service you might not have a large client base but you want them to be informed and active when they do need you.

3.Know your audience: Your members are there because of you. They want to know information that you can provide. Think if you had a customer sitting right in front of you. What would you want them to know about you and the product or service? It might not be exciting to everyone but those people aren’t your target audience and aren’t following you anyway.

There is a vast audience now using various forms of social media. Ignoring this in your marketing strategies can be short sighted and ultimately cost you revenue.